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In addition to the understanding of Skyrunning as a competitive sport, it reflects also the development of human performance and equipment technologies in mountain sports. Moving quick in mountains has always caused sensation. A popular discipline in both, mountaineering and climbing, is to complete successfully a route against the clock. Skyrunning fuses these disciplines of mountaineering and running at a high level and brings along the use of the lightest gear available at the market.



Pushing forward means to realize your vision, to keep going your dreams and bring things to a new standard. Leave your comfort zone to step into a new dimension. Suffering is part of the game, but you will become amply rewarded. Nature, especially mountains, act as a mentor. They teach you to exercise patience, to work goal-driven for achieving your objectives. The huge dimension of mountains visualize your tininess, you will learn to show modesty and gratefulness. 



If you like to learn more about the history of Skyrunning, look at the sites of ISF. The International Skyrunning Federation coordinates worldwide competitive events like the Skyrunner World Series or the World Skyrunning Champs. They keep a list of Skyrunning records and give more info about Skyrunning and its organisation.



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